What is 3DLuna-Project? Di che cosa si tratta?

The idea is very simple: we have to take a picture of the Moon limb (the same place) at the same time (UTC) from far places on Earth.
We want to combine the images to get a 3D view of details.
If the base length is very large, the parallax effect may be noticeable. It means that if we are able to synchronize our instruments, we could compose an image of the Moon’s mountains in 3D.
For example: let's suppose that we have two observers, one in Venice (Italy) and the other in CapeTown (South Africa).

Difference in latitude:

Base length:

which is more than a couple of moon diameters

This angle is equivalent to see an object with our eyes (7cm) at a distance of:

We can use the images both with a 3D viewer for Virtual Reality or, after computer processing, generating 3D navigable landscape.

This project originated from Amateur Astronomer group of Mestre-Venice (ITALY) "G. Ruggieri":

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